Why is the Dog Sitting Company often the first choice for pet and house sitting services?

We aren’t only a service-based company, we’re a love-based company. We love animals, and for that reason we care for your pets with all the love and attention that owners (you) do.

We are on a mission to take better care of your pets than you do. 

While owners are out of town for work or leisure, we don’t want clients to stress one bit over who’s looking after their pets and just as importantly, their home. Everything we do is geared toward creating a stress-free environment for your dogs, cats, other pets and home. 

Not only do we have a top staff of highly experienced professional sitters with impeccable backgrounds, every team member is insured and bonded by the Lloyds of London insurance company. 

Whatever special needs your pets have, we are expertly trained to handle them. Whether it’s texting you daily pictures of your furry friends or making sure your home is tidy for your return – we always go the extra mile. Call the Dog Sitting Company for a quote today.